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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Mom's Love VS N series


   “Sorry Jim, mom can’t buy that new N series hand phone for you. You must know that we can’t afford to buy it”.

          “But, mum, my friend, Claire, got that kind of hand phone too? We are not really poor and we are not live in poverty, why?

          “You must to understand me, Jim. We have to spend our money to cure your sister’s disease. Pleas, understand me, just this time…”

          “Mom, you don’t have to pretend that you’re not afford to buy it, just say that, ‘you won’t buy that new kind of hand phone so we don’t have to waste our time to talk ‘bout this. Okay!?”

          “And that was the first time I really got angry with my mom and yelling at her. Oh my God! What an evil son am I!!”

          “Jim! I never teach you to be that rude. Control your temper and behave yourself!”

          “Sorry mom, but I think it’s better for me to leave this house, and I know that you never love, and you just care on Lisa, right mom?”

          That was the last time I met my mom. I always asking myself if she had ever thinks and care for me. Am I not her son? I knew that I had no father since I was 3 years old, but we are not really poor. My mom works at the lawyer firm and of course her salary is more than enough to support us! Besides, there only three of us living together. Me, Lisa and her. She doesn’t have any problem to buy me that N91 models hand phones. She also shouldn’t use Lisa as her reason not to buy me that hand phones. How am I going to face Claire because I already told her that I also will have that kind of hand phones?

          Two months later, I came back home and to my surprise, my mom already bought me that ‘special’ thing that make me quarrel with her. Nobody in the house. Suddenly I realized why our house was unlocked when I opened it just now? Where are they?

          Then I rushed to the door and called Aunty Fasha, my neighbor. My mind became spin like a wheel and I’m not feeling  so good. My instinct says that bad happened. Something that makes me worried.

“Aunt Fasha, where my mom? Where is lisa? Where are they?”

“Jim…… Your mom is at hospital, with Lisa.”

“But………. Why? Is there something bad happened?”

“Your sister, Lisa…… She’s………..”

          I quickly grab my motorcycle key and rush to the hospital where Lisa get her treatment. I don’t care about that stupid hand phones anymore. I love my mom. I also love Lisa. Oh my god, all that things that I said to my mom two month ago suddenly struck my mind and I really regret it. I knew all the things that my mom told me was true and Lisa has a heart problem. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I feel really useless. I don’t know that the burden my mom has to carry up was so heavy and my poor sister, Lisa has to struggle hard with her life. I am not a good brother. I am not a good son. Oh my god! What have I done? I’m not concern about my sister and my own family. What a stupid, careless and selfish brother am i..!

          When I reached the hospital I rushed to the counter and asked the nurse there for my sister. At the corner of the room I can see my mom and Lisa holding each other hands mom looks so sad. I can see that Lisa tried her best not to shows her painful in front of mom because she doesn’t want mom to be worried about her. Suddenly I feel tears rolling down my cheek. I couldn’t stand it anymore…..

“Mom!” I called her with trembling voice. She looked so surprise to hear my voice. So does Lisa.

“jim!” I can see my mom crying and rushed to get her. I want to say how sorry I am because of my insolent.

“Mom, I’m sorry. I am really sorry. Mom…. Please…please forgives me!” I cried and hugged her. I really missed her. Really.

“Son, I already bought you that hand phones.. I put it……”

“Mom, stop talking about that stupid hand phones. I didn’t need it anymore. I really didn’t need it anymore. Because of that hand phones I became a stranger to my own family, the family that I only had and loved me so much. I just need mom and Lisa.”

“Lisa, Lisa, please, forgive me….I’m not a good brother.”

“It’s okay, Jim.” I can see Lisa’s face that tried to hide her painfulness. Poor lisa. And I promised that I will take care of her starting today. I also promised to myself that I will love and care for them more than before.

Thanks God for giving such a wonderful and loving mother and cute sister to me although I have made a big mistake and hurting their feeling.