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Friday, 8 April 2011

English vs Manglish

Have you watch “Phua Chu Kang” drama? I believe that all of us had watched that comedy drama. That is because, for us, it is easy to understand their English. But, do we realize that the English that is use by Phua Chu Kang as the Manglish?

          Manglish is a combination of Chinese, Malay and English words and grammar in language that easy for Malaysian to understand, but quite difficult for foreigners to understand. Using the Manglish is fine for informal conversation, but it is not accurate when you speak with people you do not know such as the British. Manglish also give bad influence when writing English. It is fine if we can compare what is the English and what is the Manglish one, when writing. But what if some people do not know how to compare it.

          When the foreigner come to our country and we talk to them with manglish, the meaning sometimes different from what we are trying to say. The simple example is ‘don’t play – play’. We always hear it from Phua Chu Kang. For Malaysians, they can understand that Phua Chu Kang is trying to say ‘jangan main – main’. But, in correct English it should be ‘do be serious’. Other example is ‘where got?’ This is directly translated from ‘mana ada’ and is often use by manglish speaker. It is actually mean ‘really?’ The other is ‘why you so boring?’ is the manglish sentence and the correct English is ‘why are you so bored?’

          In this SMS era, people use short forms to send their message. For example, ‘how are you’ will be ‘how r u going to c me?’ and many more. If we also use this short form in writing test, I am sure that our English test will fail. (im using the short form during texting but im not using it during examination…lol)

          So, try to understand what Manglish is and what English is. If you can see the different between Manglish and English, it is safe for us to use Manglish in our conversation. But, if we can’t see the different between both of them, stop speaking manglish and learn how to speak English.

          Last but not least, do read the situation below and think how we can improve our English especially for rural area students because if we do not do something starting from today we will be left behind forever and ever in term of global communication and everything.