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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

smk oya

The morning was crisp and the air was still cool when I was on my way to school. With the numbing wind seeping into my marrow, I felt cold. I did not bring any extra jacket. I had only my school uniform on. That would be my last time wearing the school uniform, because after that day, I would leave the secondary school where I had spent most of my teenage years.

          I walked slowly to my school. It was very silent. As I walked through the corridors of SMK OYA, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery. The school was like a garden, full of beautiful flowers, with their fragrant smell. I could still remember that my friends and I used to pick those flowers, making silly and funny games. I could not believe that we were that childish though we are secondary school students. Thinking about that, a smile appeared on my face.

          As I enter my class, some of my classmates were already there, gathering together. “Maybe gossiping again” I thought to myself.

          At one corner, Jinul was very busy with his duty, arranging the tables. The laughing king seemed to be very serious in doing his work. He is a boy with a good sense of humor, and a very easy – going person. I have known him since I was in Primary One. Everywhere he goes, he brings cheerfulness and happiness.

          I took my seat. I do not have any mood to talk to the others.
          “Hey, missing somebody, huh? Who is that lucky guy?”
          A sudden movement of a palm resting on my back startled me. It was Jinul.
          “Why is there a sudden interest?” I teased him back.
         He answered back. I tried to open my mouth to retort but was never give a chance. At the same time, Amji reached the classroom. He is the most hardworking student in our class.
         “Good Morning!”
         I waved at him and greeted him with a loud voice, just to stop Jinul from chattering.
          The school bell rang. I sat at the side of the window. I saw Aya rushing into the classroom. She tried her best to run to the class before she got any punishment. She had always been late since Form Four. Both of us are very close. Sometimes, we share our secrets together. Though she is younger than me, she has mature thoughts. I have learned how she solved problems.

          The teacher was not in the class yet. I was lost in space most of the time. My eyes keep looking around at everyone. Their faces did not show that they had any special feeling thought it was the last day. Like usual, they were playing around and making fun of the one another. I was the only one sitting silently as if I did not want all those to become just another memory, which would only make me sad.

          Yet, the sand of time slipped through my fingers. All the memories were being play like a film. Where would we be going after this? Would jinul’s jokes still be funny? Would still remember everything we had learned in school?

          The bell rang again for the last time after seamed a short day in school. Everyone bid farewell to one another. We hugged each other. My eyes welled up with tears. It was really the hardest time for me. Nevertheless, I told to myself that I must learn to accept the loss.

          After we had left, we would not be coming back. It would be unlikely for us to meet again because we would be on different track.

          I took a last walk around the school, said goodbye to the trees, flowers and grass...Everything was memorable.

          Before stepping out the school, I hoped that I could survive out there. I did not want to waste all the times and efforts that I had put into my future. To my friends, I was longing for our paths to cross again.


aEvOeCaEdOe said...

jeles2 with ur english. teach me lol..

how said...

english saia B saja lorrr..mana layak teaching kamu..haha